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        Zhejiang Boomingshing

        Time: 2021-03-29 11:38:10

        Author: 深圳市柏明胜医疗器械有限公司


                In order to further improve the production capacity layout of the company's medical consumables business, to meet the company's future business development and market expansion needs. The company and Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee (Zhejiang Shangyu Economic Development Zone Management Committee) signed the "Project Settlement Agreement" (“Settlement Agreement”) on February 1, 2021. The company intends to use its own and self-funded Funds (including but not limited to financing from external financial institutions, capital financing, etc.) RMB 1.068 billion to invest in the construction of polymer medical consumables industrial park project ("Medical Industrial Park Project") in Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone.

                Business Scope:

                 General projects: human gene diagnosis and treatment technology development; new material technology research and development; new material technology promotion services; technical services, technology development, technical consultation, technology exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion; software development; first-class medical device production; Production of protective equipment for medical staff (Class I medical devices); Sale of Class I medical devices; Sale of Class II medical devices; Mold manufacturing; Plastic product manufacturing; Non-residential real estate leasing (except for items subject to approval according to law, with business license Carry out business activities independently in accordance with the law). License items: inspection and testing services; medical services; technology import and export; goods import and export; medical device Internet information services; production of protective equipment for medical staff (Class II medical devices); production of Class II medical devices; production of Class III medical devices; The third type of medical device operation; disinfection device production (items that are subject to approval in accordance with the law can only be carried out after the approval of the relevant departments, and the specific operation items are subject to the approval results).





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