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        Domestic medical equipment "killed" imports

        Time: 2018-11-15 10:26:38

        Author: 深圳市柏明胜医疗器械有限公司


        ?From the micro level, China's equipment manufacturers are “small and scattered”, more than 90% of them are small and medium-sized enterprises with a scale of less than 20 million yuan. The medium a

                From the micro level, China's equipment manufacturers are “small and scattered”, more than 90% of them are small and medium-sized enterprises with a scale of less than 20 million yuan. The medium and high-end medical equipment still relies on imports. Domestic enterprises mainly undertake relatively low value-added links in the industrial chain. There is huge room for import substitution.

                The policy continues to catalyze and dividends are released continuously. The premise of import substitution is the technological breakthrough of domestic equipment, and the core catalysis is the strong icebreaking of the policy from top to bottom.

                In recent years, China has increased the level of innovation and manufacturing of domestic brands by encouraging innovation, accelerating evaluation, medical anti-corruption and supporting the purchase and use of domestically produced equipment. On the other hand, China has provided opportunities for domestically produced equipment through reshaping. The cost-effective domestic equipment ushered in the spring of development.


                 "Space + Technology + Model" three-dimensional search for import substitution opportunities


                IVD field: Chemiluminescence is the most imported alternative value. The sensitivity and automation of chemiluminescence is higher, and the technology for replacing enzyme-linked immunoassay is obvious.

                Foreign brands in the domestic market have occupied 90%-95% of the market by virtue of technology and service advantages. Antu Bio, New Industry, Mike Bio, Mindray Medical and other leading technologies have achieved technological breakthroughs in the field of instruments and reagents and are more cost-effective. "Overlay "import substitution", conservatively measure the domestic brand chemiluminescence market will maintain a compound growth rate of 32.95% in the next 5 years, rapid expansion and replacement.

                Medical Imaging: DR (Digital X-Ray Machine) welcomes new development opportunities. The domestic medical imaging market has long been in a state of high monopoly of foreign capital. The total share of “GPS” in domestic CT, MRI and ultrasound is 83.3%, 85.7% and 69.4% respectively.

                With the increase in the procurement needs of the grassroots market and private hospital equipment, and the increased pressure on anti-corruption and control fees in tertiary hospitals, domestic high-end DRs are welcoming alternative opportunities.

                At present, Wandong Medical has realized the independent research and development of the core components of the entire video chain, and actively tested the telemedicine and independent imaging centers. It is expected that the domestic DR market will maintain a growth rate of 10%-15% in the future, and it will become the fastest growing radiographic field. The largest product line.

                Cardiovascular and surgical instruments: Imports of pacemakers and endoscopic staplers are on the horizon. The number of pacemaker implants per million people in China is less than 5% of that in developed countries. The market demand is not effectively released due to the price and ability to pay. At present, the domestic double-chamber pacemakers of Lepu Medical have been promoted smoothly, minimally invasive and Sorin. The cooperative pacemaker has been approved, and the products of Xianjian and Medtronic are also on the market. The domestic pacemaker industry is expected to replicate the import substitution path of coronary stents.

                The stapler is the largest category of surgical instruments. Among them, the endoscopic stapler has formed a competitive pattern of “foreign-funded and domestic-funded” due to high technical requirements. At present, the enterprises represented by Lepu’s Ningbo Bingyi have been quick after the technological breakthrough. Open import substitution.

                Hemodialysis: The next chronic blue sea, the chain of hemodialysis center layout accelerated. There are about 2 million patients with end-stage renal disease in China, but the penetration rate of hemodialysis is only 15%. With the advancement of major medical insurance and the acceleration of the construction of the Hemodialysis Center, the market demand for 100 billion is expected to be released.

                At present, dialyzers and dialysis machines with high technical barriers are still dominated by foreign capital. Domestic brands of hemodialysis powder and dialysis concentrate have accounted for over 90%, and domestic enterprises of dialysis pipeline account for nearly 50%, which is in the process of import substitution. At present, companies such as Bao Laite and other resources have built a full-industry chain model of “Hyperwear + Consumables + Channels + Services”. The devices and services are synergistic and accelerate the realization of market demand.





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